Church Seminar this Thursday, 20 November

Mark A. Sheldon sheldon at
Tue Nov 18 10:38:41 EST 2003

This week, we will continue with Adam's description of static program
analysis via a graph language.

Date:     20 November 2003
Time:     2:30 -- 4:30 pm
Location: BU Room MCS 180
Title:    Checking the shape safety of pointer manipulations
Speaker:  Adam Bakewell


The Safe Pointers by Graph Transformation project aims to prevent
certain pointer errors by letting programmers specify the intended shape
of pointer structures and pointer manipulation steps in such a way that
these annotations can be checked automatically.

A pointer structure is a graph.  A shape is a language of graphs.  A
pointer manipulation step is a graph transformation and so a pointer
program can be abstracted as a graph rewrite system.

The talk will show how we can take such an abstract program which has
been annotated with shape information and check the shape annotations.
Specifically, we will show the shape-safety of a binary search tree
insertion program.

This talk is based on a paper (currently under revision)
'Checking the Shape Safety of Pointer Manipulations'
of which an extended abstract is available from

Mark A. Sheldon
Boston University Computer Science
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